Tet is the time for family, Friends in Vietnam Initial years I went to the fireworks And partied with best friends

Two foreigners living in And outside outside Vietnam recalled their cozy memories with the Lunar New Year, or Tet in Vietnamese.

'Starting afresh'

I’ve witnessed ten Tet since I started living here. In the Initial years I went to the fireworks & partied with best friends in the expat bars Surround Hoi An. Often I would meet people I hadn’t seen for months as I tend to live quietly but was Also Busy with teaching. In the certainly more recent years as I had some dogs as pets, I tended to stay at home or take the dogs for walks during the holiday evenings also because it’s so calm, peaceful And lovely to see how people have decorated their houses.

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I like the idea of “starting afresh’ – throwing out old things, cleaning up And yet, remembering their ancestors. I’ve lost both my parents in the last two years so this has been on my mind. I admire the devotion to the family, helping out with the Tet chores And working for the parents Apparently they do stuff for Tet. I like the energy of it – Anyone off to buy something nice and being excited about seeing their hometown relatives again.







Stivi Cooke in a Photo he provided Tuoi Tre News



Society has changed rapidly, but I don’t think Tet’s changed so much. However I have seen certainly more noticeable status symbols – new cars, big TVs, Brand Name new motorbikes or bicycles – and especially students with the latest smartphones which cost a tiny fortune. Apparently I’ve observed certainly more families eating out in a fancy restaurant instead of home cooking as a discontinue of enjoying their rising prosperity. And more young adults cruising Surround Above their motorbikes just for fun And company rather than doing traditional home customs.

I Consider there’s a Vietnamese proverb, “A day of travelling will bring a basket of learning” – I pay attention young people are curious about their country And hungry for new experiences as daily life in Vietnamese can be monotonous. It’s Apparently an empowering Feeling to have the money & opportunity to see new places & show off or post on Facebook selfies of where we are. Also travel is becoming more affordable with cheaper flights, certainly more buses and Definitely more local destinations opening up to domestic tourists. & given all the stress of life in the big cities I pay attention to it’s becoming more natural to pay attention to about ‘getting away from it all’.
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A lot of foreigners (particularly living in Vietnam) are a bit jaded & it takes a bit of effort to impress them whereas the young Vietnamese tourist probably that has a lot sure appreciation for the simpler experiences of something new. Foreigners are looking for certainly more exotic places And wilder experiences but the Vietnamese just revel in the sheer joy And fun of getting out of town!

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